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Lightweight fruit and prepared fruit

fp001 Avocado Half fp002 Avocado 1/8 fp003 Apple Slice x 5 fp004 Blackberry x 5 fp007 Banana Chunk x 3 fp008 Banana Whole Skinned fp009 Banana Slice x 5 fp010 Banana Half x 2 fp011 Date x 5 fp015 Melon Wedge fp020 Grapefruit Half fp021 Grapefruit Segment x 3 fp030 Lemon Slice fp035 Orange Slice fp036 Orange Segment x 3 fp037 Lemon Wedge x 2 fp038 Lime Wedge x 2 fp039 Lime Slice fp040 Pear Half fp041 Pineapple Wedge fp042 Pineapple Ring x 3 fp043 Prune x 5 fp044 Raspberry x 5 fp046 Peach Slice x 5 fp049 Water Melon Wedge fr020 Grapes Red Small (end of line) fr021 Grapes Red Large fr025 Grapes Black fr032 Mango (End of line) fr040 Melon fr060 Strawberry + Leaf